The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program offers a rebate of
up to 37% on
Oklahoma expenditures to qualifying companies filming
in the state.  

The highlights of the credit include:

  • 35% Base Rebate on Oklahoma expenditures to qualifying
    companies filming within Oklahoma
  • 37% Rebate (if production company spends a minimum of
    $20,000 for the use of music created by an Oklahoma resident
    that is recorded in Oklahoma or for the cost of recording songs
    or music in Oklahoma for the production)
  • This rebate applies to film, television and commercial
  • Production must have a minimum budget of $50,000
  • Production company must spend at least $25,000 in Oklahoma
    on the production
  • Sunset date for the Oklahoma Film Enhance Rebate is July 1,
  • The program is currently capped at Five Million Dollars
    ($5,000,000) per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).


Scott Long, CPA
with DP Financial & Tax is one of the few CPA's in
Oklahoma approved to conduct third party reviews for production
companies looking to qualify for the Oklahoma Film Enhancement

To help production companies navigate the incentive program
requirements, DP Financial & Tax offers the following services:
  • Consulting with budget executives and producers on the film
    production incentive program requirements
  • Consulting with production and post-production accountants
  • Providing the required independent CPA report
  • Loan-out company consulting to assist with registration and
    withholding requirements
  • Timely turn-around to accelerate the receipt of your rebate
  • Consult with the production company’s legal counsel, investors
    and lenders
  • Consulting on revenue recognition issues
  • Federal tax incentive consulting (Internal Revenue Code
    Section 181)
  • Payroll tax/fringe consulting
  • Income tax return compliance services
  • Personal and corporate financial planning
Oklahoma Movie Rebate