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Builders, LLC and Woodbury Financial Services, Inc are not affiliated.
We at DP Financial & Tax, Inc. have developed a special
custom fit program called "The Financial Builder System".  This
program combines all aspects of a persons
financial well being.

This program is built with several key values in mind.

  • Build Long Term Relationships with Clients
  • Helping Clients Grow Their Businesses
  • Helping Clients Maximize Profitability
  • Helping Clients Reduce Volatility
  • Helping Clients Manage Risk
  • Helping Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals
  • Helping Clients Increase the Probability of Achieving
         All Their Goals and Dreams!

For more information on our Financial Builder System please call
us today for a free consultation at (918) 392-7879.    


David C. Paulson, CEO
Owner of DP Financial & Tax, Inc.
Owner of Financial Builders, LLC
DP Financial and Tax President
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